French pastry

French Pastry Coquelicot in Montmartre

“Sylvie invites you to Coquelicot, where you will find the true artisan workshops’ soul.”

Coquelicot’s pastry cooks work is based on simple recipes representing French regions tradition : éclairs, religieuses, Paris-Brest, mille-feuilles, burnt creames, not forgetting the flans and chocolate fondant.
Every day, you will find a range of home made macaroons.
On weekends, you will discover the desserts and lemon meringue pies elaborated by our Pastry Chef.
Our pies are divided in 2 categories : fresh pies and cooked pies.
Fresh pies (only the dough is cooked) garnished with lemon, or chocolate, other citrus fruits or season fruits.
Our cooked pies (everything is cooked : dough, cream, fruits) are listed in the pies menu (pdf) that changes twice a year.