Coquelicot bakery in Montmartre

Coquelicot Bakery in Montmartre

“The poppy (coquelicot in french) is the emblem of the shop ; it is a poetic and ephemeral flower that is found in untreated wheat fields… A reminder that the Coquelicot Bakery chose tradition and authenticity as its core values.”

All of our baguettes bread, “La Reine”, “La Coquelicot”, “La Picolla”, are true french tradition baguettes weighed at 300 grams.
“La Reine” (the Queen) is a non-floured tradition baguette whose honeycomb-like inside crumb is appreciated.
“La Coquelicot” (the Poppy) is a floured tradition baguette. Flour adds a nice crispness to its taste.
Coquelicot's baguettes
“La Picolla” is a tradition baguette, shaped by hand, twisted and floured. Its inside crumb is a bit more compact, which gives it a longer lasting taste, while its crust still is full of flavor.
“Le Picollo”, also shaped by hand, is a bigger sized Picolla weighing 600 grams.
A team of three bakers manufactures all the baguettes and breads every day. The dough is prepared with the utmost care, with a long enough fermentation time so that after cooking all these breads are crisp and mellow.

Coquelicot's breads and baguettes

Special breads menu evolves twice a year to sync with the seasons. This menu is centered around the essence of the different breads’ flavors, with various sizes and weighs. We provide our clients with all these speciality breads available as individual sized loafs, 300 grams “boules” (balls), as well as the 500 grams “miche” (a bigger loaf), and even 1 kg loafs.