Breads menu

“Bread has never been as tasty as today.”

Every day, we offer between 5 and 7 different specialty breads.

On sundays, don’t hesitate to ask for our Poppy Bread (“Pain aux coquelicots“), easy to recognize with its 3 petals and its blue poppy heart.
Available every single day

The Baguettes :

  • La Reine des Baguettes (“The Queen”)
  • La Coquelicot (“The Poppy”)
  • La Picolla

The Breads :

  • Le Picollo
  • Le Pavé de Montmartre (“Cobblestone of Montmartre”)
  • Le Pain de Mie (“Soft bread”)


  • Country Baguette
  • Cereals Baguette
  • Brioche Bread Cinnamon Apple
  • Brioche Bread Apple Cramberries
  • Brioche Bread Orange Zest
The naturally leavened breads :

  • La Paume Nature (“Nature palm”)
  • La Paume aux Raisins (“Raisin palm”)

“Stringed” Breads :

  • Nature
  • the Bacon Picolette

Afternoon snacks :

  • the Chocolate Chips Baguetine
  • the Goat Cheese Baguetine


Coquelicot’s breads of the week :
Traditional Baguettes:
La Reine (non-floured Baguette)availableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
La Coquelicot (floured Baguette)availableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
La Picolla - (shaped by hand)availableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Traditional Bread:
Le Picolloavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Pavé de Montmartre (Montmartre's Cobblestone)availableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
White Bread in its wooden barquetteavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
For snacks:
Chocolate or Goat Cheese Baguettineavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
La Picolette with baconavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Specialty Bread:
Pain au Coquelicot (Poppy Bread)available
Country Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Walnut Country Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Whole Wheat Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Fig and Apricot Whole Wheat Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Cereals Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
"Palm" Bread (500 g or 1 Kg)availableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Raisin "Palm" Breadavailableavailableavailableavailableavailableavailable
Rye Breadavailableavailableavailable

Download pdf:Coquelicot’s specialty breads (summer edition)
Gourmet taste sheet Summer 2013 :
Keeping to the essential


  • Tradition Baguettes: No additives, only wheat flour, water, salt and yeast to obtain this timeless baguette, equaly crisp and tender, that stays fresh longer.
  • Country Bread: With a slightly darker inside crumb, this bread has a sourness to its flavor that makes it ideal to blend in with the tastes of cheese, meat and all kinds of delicatessen.
  • The Poppy Bread : Goes well with salads and high flavor cheeses.
  • Cereal Breads : The Fitness Bread : by the richness of its ingredients, pleasantly crunchy, it is ideal at breakfast, and also goes very well with tasty meats, salads and cheeses.
  • Whole Wheat Bread : The whole wheat grain is used to obtain a naturally fiber and vitamine rich flour. Goes well with poultry and pork meats.
  • Figs and Apricots Whole Wheat Bread : Very interesting with cheeses, it also packs a lot of energy by itself.
  • Walnuts Bread : Adds well with salads and cheeses.
  • Rye Bread : Ideal to make toasts. It’s a nice companion to seafood and fishes.
  • White Bread: Can be toasted for breakfast, also well suited for foie gras and smoked salmon.

Download pdf: the Summer Gourmet Cheat Sheet